Wikiversity:Wikiversity the Movie/Learning from the past

Coming soon to a wiki theater near you !

Let's identify possible factors why the last production of the movie could not be achieved. Some ideas ?

  • Selecting a release date which was too stressy ?
  • Therefore selecting now a date which is in about 1 year - that should avoid this problem. If the movie finishes earlier, the better.
  • Too few participants ?
  • The prominent link to the project from the browse page was destroyed.
  • The proposal to put a video teaser for the movie on the main page was ignored.
  • Back then Wikiversity was still young. We have grown now.
  • now there is a task list
  • Not enough resources (human and non-human) ?
  • Could be still a problem, but we have now Filmmaking - must still identify resources there
  • Different ideas ?
  • Let's make a Kickoff-meeting and do regular meetings. Possible idea to create several movies, see here
  • Keep it simple
  • As I see some pages were created with boiler plates. It was much text, but basically not so much helpful for newcomers :-( [1] - did this perhaps drive readers away ?
  • Bad karma ?
  • Well, let's see this time
  • ...