Wikiversity:WikiProject template sharing

Welcome to the WikiProject template sharing, a collaboration area and group of editors dedicated to improving, promongulating, and dissemination of Wikipedia's large rich collection of productivity enhancing tools and utility templates to our fellow editors and sister projects.

This is the Wikiversity part of WikiProject template sharing. For more information, see the project page on Wikipedia.

The coverage of WikiProject template sharing is fairly vast and important because many sister projects are manned and staffed by dedicated specialists in a narrower field of interest (images, quotes, source documents, species, news, words, teaching, and so forth), they have not attracted the fairly large and talented population of computer science and engineering trained editors that frequent the hallowed digital halls of Wikipedia and Meta-wiki. Using these two sister's as seed stock for administrative, discussion, documentation, interwiki connection and analysis tools or utility templates is the prime thrust of this effort.