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The page documents an official English Wikiversity policy with wide acceptance by participants as a standard you should follow. Please propose and discuss changes to ensure your revisions reflect consensus.

Rollback is a vandalism reverting tool available to Wikiversity custodians, curators, and certain editors[1] for quickly undoing edits which are blatantly unproductive such as vandalism. The rollback tool reverts the last change or group of changes made to a page by the same user.
There is no option to provide an edit summary when using rollback. Instead, "Reverted edits by Foo (talk) to last version by Bar using rollback" is used automatically.

Rollback button

Use of the rollback tool

This tool is used to respond to obvious vandalism. In the context of reverting edits, always assume good faith. "Obvious" does not mean "obvious to me". "Obvious" means that it is obvious to you, and it will most likely be obvious to everyone else.

Other rollback-like tools

Any other mechanism for reverting edits without providing an edit summary should be used just in case of obvious vandalism.

When not to use Rollback

Reverting edits that are not obvious vandalism

For other edit reversions, a good edit summary should be provided. When a custodian or a curator reverts an edit that is not obvious vandalism, the rollback button shouldn't be used.

New editors

New wiki participants may make edits that are useless, wrong, bad, silly, disruptive or misguided. It is the responsibility of more experienced editors to explain why such edits are reverted. If there is any possibility that an edit was not vandalism, then do not use the rollback tool to revert it.

Revert wars

Never use the rollback tool during a dispute over page content. During content disputes, good edit summaries are required. Before reverting a reversion during a content dispute, solve the dispute on the discussion (talk) page.

If your edits are rolled back

If your edit was rolled back and you don't think it should have been rolled back, or if you would like feedback about how to improve your editing, discuss your edit with the Wikiversity editor who rolled back your edit. If your edit has been rolled back by a custodian, and they have not provided a satisfactory response, you can leave feedback at Wikiversity:Custodian feedback.

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