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This is a proposal for setting up the technical details of making Creative Commons-compliant forks here on Wikiversity. If we are able to set it up, we can integrate this into WV:FORK (this would also make the forking policy a lot easier to enable), and make "family trees" of related wikiversity projects that will share their deep histories.

What it's forEdit

Say we had a learning project on particle physics, and wanted to use various pages for two other learning projects (say History Of Particle Physics and Applied Particle Physics). Rather than starting these new projects from scratch (or just copying and pasting pages from the original project), this system would allow us to make complete copies of any relevant pages (with the edit histories), for use in the other project(s).

How it would workEdit

  • First, the pages would need to be exported to a designated Wikibooks namespace (probably by a Wikibooks Adminiatrator). So [[Particle Physics/Photons]] would now be at [[b:Schoolfork:Particle Physics/Photons]]
  • Next, the page would be moved on Wikibooks to [[b:Schoolfork:History of Particle Physics/Photons]]
  • Finally, the page would then be re-imported to [[History of Particle Physics/Photons]]
  • On the Wikibooks side, the content would then be deleted (the namespace should be kept empty for easy maintenence).

Wikibooks too...Edit

Wikibooks also needs a way of making these kinds of forks, so we'd have a similar namespace here ("Bookfork:" might be a good name). This will be a cross-project endeavor, which is unusual but may have added benefits over time.

See Wikibooks:Forking proposal for details on the Wikibooks side.

What we'd needEdit

We will need 3 things from bugzilla:

  1. Wikibooks will need Special:Import enabled from Wikiversity.
  2. Wikiversity will need to add the namespace "Bookfork:" (having a designated namespace makes for easier maintenence)
  3. Wikibooks will need to add the namespace "Schoolfork:"

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