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Discord is a freemium proprietary chat room program available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. A Discord server contains both text and voice channels used for real-time discussions and to share other forms of media between the members of that server. Discord is similar to IRC in that it provides live chat capabilities with other users.[1]

The Wikimedia community server is used for English discussions about Wikimedia projects in general. There are dedicated channels for Commons, Meta, Wikidata, English Wikipedia, English Wikiversity, and Simple English Wikipedia, although discussion on other Wikimedia projects also often happens. Other servers are primarily divided by language and can be used to discuss Wikimedia projects in those languages.[2]

The server can be reached through an invite link by clicking the Join Server button at Wikipedia:Discord.

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Creating a Wikiversity specific Discord server is an interesting idea, but will it actually be useful in application?

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