Wikiversity:Curator Mentorship

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In most cases, new custodians go through a "mentorship" process, where an experienced custodian helps a prospective custodian learn the ropes as a probationary custodian, and then provides the community with a recommendation.

This is a program within Wikiversity:Mentors.

Outline edit

All going well edit

  1. A mentorship relationship is established.
  2. The mentor makes a request to a bureaucrat (or if he/she is one, just promote).
  3. Mentored has three months to learn the tools and show him/herself to be appropriate for custodianship.
  4. Mentor recommends the mentored for full custodianship, community votes.

Not so well edit

  1. Mentor is responsible for the mentored, and should immediately go to the stewards if sysop tools are being misused.
  2. If at any point in the probationary period the mentor decides that he is or will be unwilling to recommend, the mentored has 48 hours to find a new mentor, otherwise the tools will be removed by the stewards on the mentor's request.
  3. If the mentor is unexpectedly unavailable or the mentored wishes to have a different mentor (for any reason whatsoever), mentorship can be transferred to another willing mentor for the remainder of the probationary period.
  4. If at the end of the probationary period the mentor decides not to recommend the mentored for full custodianship, the mentored may either initiate a self-nomination, or find another mentor (any additional probationary period to be decided in conversation with the new mentor).

Curator skills edit

The following skills are mastered and demonstrated at some point during the probationary period:

Custodian skills edit

More information about these skills can be found at How to be a Wikimedia sysop and at Wikiversity:Custodianship.

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