The Wikimedia census is coming. This is your chance to add your own questions that you have to the community. You have one week, finishing Sunday November 11 to get your proposed questions in. Please add your proposed questions to one of the following categories;

Category 1 edit

Questions to Wikiversity readers/the public (max 5 short questions, 2 long questions)

  1. How did you find Wikiversity?
  2. Do you understand the mission of Wikiversity?
  3. Does the Main Page make clear that Wikiversity is a new project in need of participants?
  4. Are you thinking about editing and contributing to Wikiversity?
  5. Is the Community Portal useful for helping build learning communities?
  6. Is the main Browse page a useful way to find Wikiversity content?
  7. Have you asked a question at Wikiversity?

Category 2 edit

Questions to Wikiversity editors (max 7 short questions, 3 long questions)

  1. Should Wikiversity have some kind of pre-tertiary portal to encourage pre-college participants?
  2. Are you interested in strategies such as reading groups for helping to form Wikiversity learning communities?
  3. Would you find email notification useful?
  4. Do you think the Wikimedia Foundation should support the sandbox server?
  5. The Wikimedia Foundation Board instructed the Wikiversity community to, "exclude credentials, exclude online-courses". Do you agree?
  6. One of the Wikimedia Foundation Trustees proposed that Wikiversity be re-named to "Wikipedia Learning". Do you agree?
  7. In the last election for Wikimedia Foundation Trustees, a candidate ran on the platform of eliminating non-Wikipedia projects like Wikiversity. Will you vote in the next election?
  8. Have you been able to get the new video player to work?

Category 3 edit

Questions to Wikimedia editors (max 2 short questions)

  1. Have you ever felt restricted by the narrow mission of Wikipedia or Wikibooks?
  2. Did you know that Wikiversity allows original research projects?

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