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SPIR608 Evaluation edit

SPIR608 is a course being run at the University of Westminster. The first cohort will being doing the course Jan- April 2011. At the beginning of the course a survey has been carried out amongst the students as regards how much the use Wikimedia sites. The results are quite interesting. From a survey of 17

  • All had visited Wikipedia
  • 3 (18%) had edited wikipedia. None had a user account. None had edited any of the other wikis.
  • 4 (24%) had visited wikipedia, 2 (12%) had visited Wiktionary, Wikiquotes, Wikibooks or Wiki Commons, 1 (6%) had visited wikispecies or another mediawiki, and none had visited wikinews or wikisource.

I would be interested to know if any other people on wikiversity are gathering this sort of information? I would be interested in developing a way of collecting shared date (or sharing collected date!). Also there are probably ways in which the evaluation and guidance used on this occasion can be improved. I intend to re-survey the students at the end of the course to see to what extenttheir use of wikimedia sites has changed.Leutha 17:57, 29 January 2011 (UTC)

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