Wikidata/Old info/Can be removed?

This is a translation from the page on the Czech Wikiversity cs:Wikidata.

Notice: After a lot of previous discussions with Czech wikiversians I proposed this project on the Czech Wikiversity June 1, 2009. This same day I created the appropriate project on the server referata: Yet today I noticed that some very similar project with the same name Wikidata arised recently (February 11, 2012) on Meta: m:Wikidata. It is questionable if we should continue with our original project or to connect our project with this project already running on Meta. I don't know if this project on Meta was inspirated wit the Czech one or if it arised by a twist of fate. But most probably the both projects are an independent expressions of similar needs of a lot of wikimedians. --Kychot (talk) 17:42, 16 May 2012 (UTC)