Wiki business plan/Feed Everyone Project

There is some outrageous amount of people on this earth that do not have adequate and reliable sources of nutrious and healthy food. This project aims to remedy that.

FAQ edit

How is this related to Wikiversity?

Wikiversity is a place for learning. It is hoped that by participating in this project, people will learn something along the way. We learn by doing.

Is this project some sort of communist scheme?

No. This is part of a business plan, and very much capitalistic. Profit is intended to be made.

Reflections edit

We have to consider that is lives that we are saving so the first thing that we're improving is lives and nothing is more valuable than life. I recomend to collaborate with The Venus Project too.

Proposal edit

Andes Mountains.

There's a project in which Latin America build aqueducts from the Andes Mountains using gravity as the Roman aqueducts that still carrying water and make it in a distributed way to avoid creating cities overcrowded, and about food create a culture of respectful gathering of fruits in the Jungles of Latin America, just that, gathering, not agriculture, organizing big explorers groups of the jungle across the rivers and using GPS, respecting indigenous cultures and not invading their land. And with that avoid monoculture and their pests and toxic insecticides. Also build irrigation systems in the steppes for the most appropriate crops depending on the type of soil, maybe similar to the systems used in the Aztec cities and also a similar project for Africa and the Himalayas.

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