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SANDBOX VERSION of tasks list

Completed tasks:

Tasks for the technical editors are syncronised between this page and Workmarket by WorkmarketBot. The process to to create a new assignment is:

  • Add a new row at the bottom of the table (activate editing mode, click bottom row, click chevron that appears on the left, select 'insert below').
  • You must include:
    • Task Title (a short name for the task)
    • Task Description (details of what needs to be done)
    • Group (Sci / Med / Hum / All - whichever journal the work most closely aligns to)
  • The assignment will automatically be added to the Workmarket assignment list and assigned an ID
  • Optionally: Log into Workmarket and assign directly to a tech editor, indicate maximum number of hours, or add other details

Tasks can be claimed by a tech editor by logging into Workmarket and assigning that item to themself. Outlines on how to approach the most common tasks can be found at these process summary guidelines.

Assignment ID Task Title Task Description Group Person Time taken Completion Comments
Immune System Add new peer review, update reviewer's Wikidata item Med Peter Agan 188 minutes 2023/05/01 Completed
6852900995 TEST ROW 3 adding test row in middle of table to stress test an unusual but possible scenario Hum
Non-canonical base pairing Generate DOI, PDF and upload Sci Peter Agan 780 minutes 2023/05/12 Completed
Multiple object tracking Generate DOI, PDF and upload Sci Peter Agan 540 minutes 2023/05/12 Completed
Immune System Please delete the contents of this preprint, but leave the page there blank and I will put an appropriate comment under Reviewer Comments Med Peter Agan 25 minutes 2023/05/20 Completed
8075197791 TEST ROW 2 adding second test row below first to simulate normal addition of multiple items Sci
8534125343 TEST ROW 5 row 4 should be being created from workmarket Sci
7508171937 TEST ROWS 6 A test where two tasks are added with the same name but different desctiptions (A) Hum
6487931879 TEST ROWS 6 A test where two tasks are added with the same name but different descriptions (B) Sci
1492972734 TEST ROW 7 just another vanilla row to see if the issue was the multiple rows added above Med