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Polish Translations of Proper Names in The Lord of the RingsEdit

The project divided into two sections aims to showcase some examples of Polish translations of proper names in The Lord of the Rings. They cover the translations made by Maria Skibniewska, Maria and Cezary Frąc and Jerzy Łoziński, which make up the complete list of Polish translations available on the market. These projects approach the analysis of the translation of proper names into Polish by using translation strategies proposed by different scholars. The first project uses the strategies provided by Eirlys E. Davies, whereas the second project uses the ones proposed by Albert Péter Vermes. The reason for that is to introduce the readers to various strategies that can be applied in order to analyse a certain topic and encourage them to evaluate and search for strategies that may be the most suitable for this task.

[project at the beginning stages of development]

LOTR in Maria Skibniewska's vs Maria and Cezary Frąc's Translation
LOTR in Jerzy Łoziński's Translation