WebApps with LocalStorage and AppCache/Examples

This learning resource is the first step to explore some applications that are AppLSACs.

Exploration of AppLSAC Examples Edit

Explore existing AppLSAC software that support the development of Wikiversity Learning Resources

You can download the WebApp of type (AppLSAC-1) analyze the source code, if does what it pretends to do. Then you can run the HTML5 application offline on your device with a browser as runtime environment as (AppLSAC-2)

  • WebApp-Game: First of all explore Bubblebreaker by bobak7[1] and assume that the users know to use a pseudonym for their players name when they use online games. The high score is persistent. Analyze the code and explain why the high score list must not be transmitted to a server and no client server interaction is required even if you run the code offline in your browser e.g. on your Linux desktop PC.

Test Browsers as AppLSAC Runtime Environments Edit

  • Firefox,
  • Chromium or Chrome

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References Edit

  1. GitHub Developer bobak7 (2015) GitHub repository - URL: https://github.com/bobak7/bubblebreaker - Online Demo