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The War Seminar learning project is devoted to discussions about the history of war as a cultural practice and current wars in the world.


This learning project offers learnings activities that encourage the participation of Wikiversity editors who are interested in war as a cultural phenomenon. Concepts to learn include: the causes of war and the history of attempts to limit the number and destructiveness of wars.

Call for contributions edit

Wikiversity needs quality essays on the question of war.

Here are some questions to ponder as you select your topic: What mechanism causes people to live peacefully with their neighbors but choose war with those living in distant lands? What problems do political boundaries cause? What problems do political boundaries solve? What is the purpose of dividing nations by political and geographic boundaries? How do nations enact laws? What are different types of governments that have the most political power in various nations?

To begin your draft, enter title that is not already on the list below and write. If you wish to change your title, or have any other questions, visit us at Wikiversity:Colloquium.

List of contributions

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