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1 Yes or No, A test of ability to add two-digit numbers should cover the full range of combinations of digits.


2 Content validity deals with which of the following?

a test with only one-digit of two-digit numbers
the emotional principles of a psychological test
prima facie face validity
construct validity
persuasive rhetoric

3 True or False, A particular operationalization of a construct adequately represents what is intended.


4 Construct validity involves which attribute?

a totality of mismapping
empirical and theoretical support for the misinterpretation of the construct
relationships separating the test and measures
the lack of support for the substantive theory of the construct
the degree to which a measure is uncorrelated with other measures
the operationalization does not correlate with other operationalizations

5 True or False, The test data and criterion data are collected at the same time for concurrence.


6 What is the aim of criterion validity?

the correlation between the test and a criterion variable
a representative of the distruct
criterion data is collected first
tests of job performance are often validated against employee selection measures
measures of recidivism are representative of risk
concurrent validity requires test data to be acquired first

7 True or False, Measures of risk of recidivism among those convicted of a crime can be validated against measures of recidivism.


8 Convergent validity is intended to explain what relationship?

premises from conclusions
the degree to which an operation is similar to other operations
scores on a test can be correlated with scores on any other test
high correlations between random test scores
assessment is unrelated to what it should theoretically be related to
a false conclusion from false premises

9 True or False, A discriminant is a buffer put between two individuals in disagreement.


10 Which of the following is applicable to discriminant validity?

a successful evaluation of discriminant validity shows that a test of a concept is highly correlated with other tests designed to measure theoretically different concepts
any two scales do correlate
a result greater than 0.85
narcissism highly correlated with self-esteem
there is a standard value for discriminant validity
two constructs overlapping to less than 0.50

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