United Nations

This is learning resouce about United Nations. The main purpose is to support a participatory way of capacity building.

The United Nations, with its headquarters in New York City, is the largest international diplomatic organization.


Learning TaskEdit

  • First explore the structure of United Nations, why it was designed the way it is and how UN supports and promotes international co-operation and creates and maintains international order.
  • What are the difference and the joint concepts of diplomacy comparing a national perspective of diplomacy with an international perspective from a body, programme or agency in United Nations (e.g. the World Health Organization (WHO) as a specialized agency of the United Nations)?
  • Learn about United Nations Simulation, that gives students an opportunity to step into the role of a UN ambassador.
  • Explore the Community of Practice in the Expert Focus Group for Space and Global Health. How can Wikiversity be helpful to co-create a Capacity Building material for global challenges.
  • Explore the United Nations University and describe the scope and educational/scientific objectives.

See alsoEdit


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