Ubuntu/Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Installation

This resource, Ubuntu/Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Installation, has been deprecated. Please use Linux/Installation/Ubuntu instead.

Installation edit

This module will cover the installation process of Ubuntu 6.06 LTS. Before we get involved in the installation we will run through the steps of downloading ubuntu 6.06 LTS or later and all the relavent software required to complete this unit successfully.

Required Downloads

  • Ubuntu 6.06 LTS or Later

Dowloading Ubuntu is rather simple. You need to navigate to the Ubuntu Distribution Site and follow the onscreen instruction to download a copy of Ubuntu. When downloading the ISO file make sure you obtain a x86 distribution.

  • Virtual Box

The next piece of software you require is Virtual Box. Virtual Box is a x86 PC Emulator that can be used to install a virtual machine on your existing PC. Once at the site click on the Downloads Section, then click on the Binaries (all platforms). This will redirect you to a Sun Microsystems Web Page where you can select the required platform and language of Virtual Box. Read the License Agreement and tick the checkbox. Then Click Continue. Then to finish click on the VirtualBox_*.msi Link and start your download.

This is all the software you will require to complete this unit.

Installing Virtual Box

The Installation of Virtual Box is straight forward. Locate the installation MSI file and open it. You will be presented with a Window as shown below. Click Next to Continue


After you click next, you will be presented with the screen below. Make sure you Read and Accept the License Agreement. Click Next when you are ready.


Next you will be prompted with a Custom Setup Window as show below. Just leave everything as it is and click next.