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The History of Oregon edit

  1. Timeline
  2. Indigenous cultures and people
  3. Early exploration
  4. Discovery of the Columbia
  5. Jacob Astor and Astoria
  6. Early pioneers and settlers
  7. The Astoria Military Road
  8. Willamette Falls and the Dalles
  9. John McLoughlin and Fort Vancouver
  10. Joseph Gale and the trip to California
  11. Land surveys, Wagon roads, and first towns
  12. The Land Donation Acts
  13. Formation of the provisional government
  14. Joseph Meek, the first Sherriff
  15. Forest Grove and Stumptown
  16. Out with the furs and in with the firs
  17. Salmon, Wapiti, and Wapato
  18. Marcus Whitman
  19. Joseph Lane and statehood
  20. The Oregon Trail and California Gold Rush
  21. Poor relations with the natives
  22. Oregon Land Frauds
  23. Railroads and Timber
  24. The time of Electric Trolleys
  25. The First World War
  26. The Great Depression
  27. The Tillamook Burn
  28. Log Trucks, Buses, and Chainsaws
  29. The Pacific and Wolf Creek Highways
  30. City of Bridges

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Oregon Historians edit


Harvey Kimball Hines (1828–1902) was a Methodist minister and an early historian of the U.S. state of Oregon. In 1878 he ran for Congress, and drew criticism for neglecting his religious vows in so doing. He was known, along with Frances Fuller Victor, as a historian who delved through early original documents.


Frances Auretta Fuller (Barritt) Victor (pen names: Florence Fane, Dorothy D.) (May 23, 1826 – November 14, 1902) was an American historian and historical novelist. She has been described as "the first Oregon historian to gain regional and national attention." She was known for her books about the West and especially Oregon history.


Horace Sumner Lyman (December 18, 1855 – December 22, 1904) was a prominent journalist, historian, and educator in the U.S. state of Oregon.


Joseph Schafer (1867-1941) was the first academically trained historian in the U.S. state of Oregon. He studied with Frederick Jackson Turner, and chaired the history department at the University of Oregon from 1900 to 1920. He authored A History of the Pacific Northwest in 1905 and revised it in 1918; the book was considered the standard history of the region into the 1950s.

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