Translation practice

The Translation Practice Course was the first course in Wikiversity. It was an interwiki project involving several Wikiversities and was oriented for those students with an intermediate or advanced level in the second language.

Goals of this subject:

  • Train the student in the practice of text translation.
  • Enrich the different Wikipedia projects with new users and new articles

Coursework edit

  1. The student selects an article from their native language Wikipedia.
  2. They translate it into the Wikipedia written in the language they are learning.
  3. The student writes down a link to the article they have translated in a list of links placed on this page, followed by the user signature.
  4. When the student has some doubts, they may ask a self-declared "Checker" to copy-edit their work and study the different resources placed at the Wikiversidad:Biblioteca de Lingüística.
  5. The Checker corrects the articles translated. The Checker's basic task is to correct orthography, style, grammar, false cognates, etc and explain to the student what errors were made.
  6. It is recommended that the Checker corrects in their mother tongue unless they are bilingual.
  7. Furthermore, the students may check their mistakes looking at the page history. A link to the page history may be found at the top of the page.
  8. Students and Checkers should write their user name with a link to their user talk page at the bottom of this page, so that they may easily keep in touch.

If you would like to translate articles into Spanish language go to Wikiversidad:Prácticas de traducción#estudiantes and write your user name there.

List of English language students edit


List of English checker users edit

List of English language translated articles and their translator edit

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List of Russian checker users edit

If you wouldn`t mind correcting Russian language articles, log in and sign your user name here with
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  • If you would like to check Chinese to English translations, add your name here: