Thinking Tools/Example problem topics

This is a list of loosely stated problem topics, known as challenge statements. Many topics are stated as goals or solutions rather than as problems. These topics can be used as prompts for several problem-solving exercises, including 1) identifying problems, 2) prioritizing problems, 3) analyzing problems, 4) stating problems, 5) identifying opportunities, 6) creating possibilities, and 7) solving problems.

Many of these topics also represent opportunities.

  1. Advance my career
  2. Apologize
  3. Become a better listener
  4. Become a better person
  5. Become a community leader
  6. Become happier
  7. Become healthy
  8. Become more confident
  9. Become more courageous
  10. Become more curious
  11. Become more fit
  12. Become more generous
  13. Become more honest
  14. Become more interesting
  15. Become more kind
  16. Become more polite
  17. Become more politically engaged
  18. Become more politically influential
  19. Become more self-reliant
  20. Become more tolerant
  21. Become the life of the party
  22. Become wiser
  23. Boost my imagination
  24. Change careers
  25. Create a podcast
  26. Donate more to charity
  27. Earn trust
  28. Find a parking space
  29. Focus on what matters
  30. Forgive myself
  31. Forgive others
  32. Get a new hobby
  33. Get better friends
  34. Get elected to public office
  35. Get more done
  36. Get more sleep
  37. Get organized
  38. Get out of debt
  39. Get promoted
  40. Get to work on time
    1. How can I wake up earlier?
      1. How can I go to bed earlier?
    2. How can I get ready faster?
      1. What can I eliminate from my morning chores?
    3. How can I commute faster?
    4. How can I start work later?
    5. How can I work from home?
    6. How can I work during my commute?
  41. Have better sex
  42. Have more free time
  43. Have more fun
  44. Have more money to spend
  45. Heal
  46. How can I lose weight?
  47. How can I become more fit?
  48. How can I eat healthier?
  49. How can I get more free time?
  50. How can I make more money?
  51. How can I spend less money?
  52. How can I read more?
  53. How can I learn to sing?
  54. How can I get more friends?
  55. How can I finish my homework faster?
  56. How can I get more done?
  57. How can I strengthen my relationships?
  58. How can I meet more people?
  59. How can I become more comfortable around people?
  60. How can I become politer?
  61. How can I improve my appearance?
  62. How can I feel safer?
  63. How can I have a better-looking lawn, garden, home, room, …?
  64. How can I improve my memory?
  65. How can I improve my public speaking?
  66. How can I sleep better?
  67. How can I stop smoking?
  68. How can I get out of debt?
  69. How can I save more money?
  70. How can I learn to cook?
  71. How can I write book?
  72. Improve my appearance
  73. Improve my conversation skills
  74. Improve my creativity
  75. Improve my memory
  76. Improve my public speaking
  77. Improve my writing
  78. Increase community engagement
  79. Increase control of my emotions
  80. Increase my confidence
  81. Increase my happiness
  82. Increase well-being
  83. Innovate
  84. Learn a new language
  85. Learn self-defense
  86. Learn to juggle
  87. Learn to meditate
  88. Learn to play a musical instrument
  89. Learn to relax
  90. Learn to sing
  91. Learn to sketch, draw, or paint
  92. Learn to swim
  93. Learn to tell jokes
  94. Learn to write computer programs
  95. Learning to cook
  96. Lose weight
  97. Make amends
  98. Make new friends
  99. Meet new people
  100. Move on; overcome resentment, guilt, shame, or attachment.
  101. Obtain a patent
  102. Overcome an addiction
  103. Overcome anger
  104. Overcome my fears
  105. Practice dialogue
  106. Read more
  107. Reconcile
  108. Recover from drug abuse
  109. Reduce alcohol consumption
  110. Reduce caffeine consumption
  111. Reduce clutter
  112. Reduce crime
  113. Reduce damage from potholes
  114. Reduce distractions
  115. Reduce drug abuse
  116. Reduce gun violence
  117. Reduce pollution
  118. Reduce poverty
  119. Reduce screen time
  120. Reduce stress
  121. Reduce substance abuse
  122. Reduce sugar consumption
  123. Reduce violence
  124. Simplify
  125. Slow global warming
  126. Solve the Grand Challenges
  127. Spend more time outdoors
  128. Spend more time with family members
  129. Stop smoking
  130. Strengthen my relationships
  131. Study science, history, philosophy, psychology, geography, or meteorology.
  132. Take responsibility for my actions
  133. Travel for enjoyment
  134. Travel for enrichment
  135. Temperance
  136. What goals do I choose for the next month, 6 months, year, 5 years?
  137. What do I wish to come true?
  138. World hunger
  139. World peace
  140. Write a book
  141. Write a poem
  142. Write a song