The dynamics and social organization of innovation in the field of oncology/Project databases

Gather data from archives of grant proposals, funded projects and results.


(Are there good and easily accessible databases?)


(Are there good and easily accessible databases?)


EU fundedEdit

CORDIS funded projects and results

  • EU Open Data Portal has most of the data as CSV, missiong in older years institution beyond country, in recent years publication list. Might have to scrape but they do offer assistance for data requests.
  • Ale sent an email asking about missing data and meaning of organizational contacts.
  • Institutional path: can we get non-approved projects? (enclave, non-consumptive analysis).


United KingdomEdit

Latin AmericaEdit


FAPESP's Virtual Library. Fapesp is the state of São Paulo's research funding agency and Brazil's most prestigious and second largest research funder. They have a well structured and comprehensive database going back to the early 1990's.

North AmericaEdit