The dynamics and social organization of innovation in the field of oncology

This page documents the progress and serves as collaboration space for parts of the research project "Oncology's metaknowledge networks: an investigation of the collective dynamics of bio-clinical innovation", funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

The project is a joint effort of four groups split between Chicago, Marseille, Montreal and Paris, coordinated by Alberto Cambrosio (Montreal).

Project discussion takes place in meetings, calls, e-mail, wiki talk pages and a dedicated forum.

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We are working to deploy an approach that links digital archives and new computational tools to qualitative and historical investigation of oncology’s emergence and development. We will trace research teams and collaboration networks, investigative and clinical technologies, the myriad recombinant elements under investigation — tissues, cells, genes, proteins, biomarkers — and the changing landscape of institutions that hosts them. To provide us with insight, these traces will then be analysed through natural language processing, machine learning, network analysis and probabilistic modeling. Together, these tools and data will allow us unprecedented, integrative insight into how oncology “thinks”, how it followed its particular path of innovation, and the possible consequences of that path for biomedical research and human health.

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The project will use and develop several research instruments.

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We keep a list of interesting sources

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Presentation for CorText website

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At the IXXI meeting Understanding the dynamics of science », an interdisciplinary workshop, in Lyon, 2017

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Oncology Research - Looking for the core-set, presented at the EASST/4S meeting in Barcelona, 2016

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