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Universal Supply ChainEdit

This is a lesson part of the module The Web Economy out of the Open Source ERP/Executive Diploma course conducted by a private university.


  • Companies or projects are trying to come up with a killer app that encompasses the whole world into a single system.
  • ERP can be one such system where the world supply chain of producers and consumers are all connected via the web.
  • For maximum connectivity, users should all rely on one single standard and protocol of how things should be done.
  • Either all software vendors agree on such standards or there emerged an ubiquitous free software for easiest adoption.
  • There has to be much lowering of prices to remove barriers of user entry.
  • One target business model of SaaS providers will be to aggregate from a high ocean of traffic and provide cheaper sources of suppliers and consumers.

Assignment TasksEdit

  • How much has the price of ERP software changed since the last 10 years?
  • What are the open source ERP out there that has the highest number of adoption? What are their trends of growth and what are their factors?
  • Which kind of traders or producers/consumers will want to rely on a global supply chain? What about privacy and trade secrets?
  • Wouldnt over dependency on the Web be its biggest risk? What if suddenly the whole Web crashed due to some virus? Can business be normal again?


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