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MS vs The World edit

This is a lesson part of the module The Web Economy out of the Open Source ERP/Executive Diploma course conducted by a private university.

Topics edit

  • Many see Microsoft business model of swallowing other competitors as evil. The major weapon that MS uses to built its wealth is the patents[1] it holds over its Windows Operating System and the Office tools.
  • MS is now threatened by Linux[2] and even so by the recent explosive Google. It attempts to slow the imbalance by attempting to buy up Yahoo! Inc[3].
  • Sun produces Java that is very popular but wasn't open source until lately[4] when it is suffering a downfall.
  • IBM succesfully invest more than a billion USD per year in Linux and Apache and derive more in profit back[5].
  • Freebies and Open Source are disruptive forces that brings a net result of vast advancement and quantum leaps to the market.

Discussion edit

  • What are Microsoft good and bad points?
  • How does it confronts Open Source?
  • What are the new disruptive technologies out there that are Open Source?
  • What do you predict would happen and who will survive? Why?
  • Should there be only free software and no proprietary ones?

Activities edit

  • Publish your works in an attractive manner in your user page, stating your own views and findings providing links to your sources. Use the talk page here to score marks.
  • Create or edit sub-pages of course materials within wikiversity.
  • Discuss in the forum (link shall be provided) by offering your ideas and answering or comment on others' postings.

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