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Second LifeEdit

This is a lesson part of the module The Web Economy out of the Open Source ERP/Executive Diploma course conducted by a private university.


  • There is a website that offers Second Life for you to build a complete virtual life in a virtual world that tries to be as real as the real world, and of course it failed[1].
  • It tries to get everyone into the same room and that is what Open Source does for software[2].
  • Today you can start creating a new virtual environment just be merely visiting and commenting on blogs or forums that can backlink to you. By having your name occuring more often in the web will get it showing up more in the search results. And that is all free. All it need is our time and passion.
  • Interest is built through conversation[3]. That is the viral cause for you to keep returning with a passion.
  • As you build your own content and presence on the web, you are building your own virtual credit account. More people will come to know you and your interests and perhaps some small fortune in the not so distant future[4].
  • This carries alot of benefit such as increase in knowledge, networking and resources to depend on as well as market oppurtunities, all via the web.


  • Look for forums or blogs of your choice or related topics.
  • Draft some answers or comments that are positive and generate goodwill.
  • Keep track and see if it solicit any response from others.
  • Look for examples of single individuals with just simple publishing acts but are catapulted suddenly to fame and fortune.


  • Publish your works in an attractive manner in your user page, stating your own views and findings providing links to your sources. Use the talk page here to score marks.
  • Create or edit sub-pages of course materials within wikiversity.
  • Discuss in the forum (link shall be provided) by offering your ideas and answering or comment on others' postings.



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