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Content Is King edit

This is a lesson part of the module The Web Economy out of the Open Source ERP/Executive Diploma course conducted by a private university.

Topics edit

  • There are some sites that attracts alot of traffic due to its content[1]. They may not be the first movers, but they are visited for their content and soon become tops such as wikipedia.
  • Possessing knowledge makes one king. It is the Knowledge economy. Those who does not know cannot really possess content.
  • There are those that generate content through networking or a viral community[2].
  • Huge content pools may not appeal to most people. But they possesss a long tail[3] such as in the case of
  • Many are copycats of others' contents. They do not produce or solicit responses and so end up at the bottom of the well.

Discussion edit

  • Name a site that uses content to attract you.
  • How does the site makes you return again?
  • Compare and differentiate between such a site with another site that you often visit.
  • More and more sites know about the content game. Are there anything new they must do to be better at it?

Activities edit

  • Publish your works in an attractive manner in your user page, stating your own views and findings providing links to your sources. Use the talk page here to score marks.
  • Create or edit sub-pages of course materials within wikiversity.
  • Discuss in the forum (link shall be provided) by offering your ideas and answering or comment on others' postings.

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