The US Presidents/John Adams

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George Washington

1789 - 1797

John Adams

1797 - 1801

Thomas Jefferson

1801 - 1809

James Madison

1809 - 1817

For an in depth look at the 2nd US President, follow this link: John Adams.

Elected: 1st Term in 1796

Presidency: 1797 to 1801

Major US Laws edit

The following is a list of major laws in US History signed by John Adams during his presidency:

  • Alien and Sedition Acts, multiple acts designed to protect the United States from alien citizens of foreign powers and to prevent seditious attacks from weakening the government.

Major US Events edit

Foreign Affairs edit

Major World Events edit

Interesting Facts edit

John Adams was the first president to:

  • Live in the White House.
  • Only serve one term.
  • Serve as president in the 19th century.