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The aim of this Wiki learning module is to help teachers develop the skills needed to design lesson plans for the Online Classroom. I envision this Wiki learning experience as a new paradigm in learning that will provide teachers and instructional designers with the theories, information, and tools needed to improve the quality of the learning they create and implement for their students.

I hope this Wiki page will be helpful. Please let me know how this web site works for you. I look forward to hearing your comments!

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This section of the Wiki page provides access to learning modules required to strengthen your knowledge of the components of Online Classroom. The learning modules in this section are based on the learning modules in L530, The Online Classroom, a course provided by Indiana University.

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Cotton, Giuffré, Eileen, 2000, Chapter 5, Using the Internet for Teaching – Rules of the Road of The Online Classroom, Teaching with the Internet, Forth Edition, ERIC ED INFO Press.

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