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The Journal of Sport and Exercise Studies/Business, Politics and Sport 2011

Athletes in the Pillow Fight League can hit hard enough to cause injury. Image by Karenkayho on Flickr

This is the first edition of the Journal of Sport and Exercise Studies. It is a special online open edition deriving from the essay assignment in the subject Business, politics and sport, held at the University of Canberra in 2011.

There are eleven articles here, chosen from a total of ninety-five articles submitted during the unit. They include some very impressive presentations too.

Two of the articles make compelling cases for new Olympic sports in Cheerleading and Pole Dancing. A further article lauds the potential of Dodgeball. Three articles address important governance issues. Three articles raise ethical issues in sport. One article explores celebrity endorsements in sport. The eleventh article in the journal discusses hooliganism in sport.

Thanks to all those who have offered their work to this edition of the Journal of Sport and Exercise Studies, we hope you're as proud as we are.

Keith Lyons