The Inevitability of Globalism/From animism to objective language

Reciting the "gist" from memory, a number of passages from Husserliana XXIX relate this story. --SB_Johnny talk

Tribe 1 knows that the sun is a god who rides across the sky in a chariot pulled by 8 horses.

Bats at dusk

Tribe 2 knows that the sun is a god who runs across the sky every day, chased by bats.

Tribe 3 knows that the sun is a god who flies across the sky every day, because it's a bird.

When tribes 1, 2, and 3 get together to trade or exchange mates, they sometimes talk about "the sun". They realize over time that the sun's "shared qualities" in their differing views reduce down to the thing that lights up the world every day, makes heat, and so on. Gradually, as their cultures intermingle, the objective concept of the sun as a thing develops.

The moral of the story is that when cultures meet, complex and "regional" meanings tend to be reduced to the objective. This strips down barriers that might prevent globalization.