The Inevitability of Globalism

Globalism may be inevitable, for reasons of economics, technology, or even as an emergent quality of history. This project will consist of essays and studies that prove or point to this inevitability.

Notes, ideas, and questions (possible future subpages)Edit

Phenomenological and hermeneutic evidenceEdit

  1. One sun god, two sun gods, three sungods, four. Keep learning about more of them and the sun's a god no more! (Roughly inspired by Husserliana XXIX)
  2. Is the Rhine of poetry the same Rhine the engineers would use for hydroelectric power? (Question to Martin Heidegger)
  3. What's the difference between a factory farm and Auschwitz? (Question to Martin Heidegger)
  4. Melting the mixing pot in the melting pot. When the Zenmeister says: "You will clap with one hand!" (Shamelessly borrowed from Charles Dyke)
  5. What happens the web of power meets the world wide web? (Thoughts on Foucault)

Metaphors from the physical sciencesEdit

  1. The science of beauty: what makes a beautiful face beautiful?
  2. The mesic state: culture from a geological point of view.
  3. The third law of thermodynamics.

Related questionsEdit

  • what is the relationship between a culture, an economy, and a history?
  • How effective might a space agency be that is global in scale with many nations participating in and funding? What might such a space agency accomplish?


  • --SB_Johnny talk (I plan to write some essays, and hopefully read and debate)