The Great War and Versailles/Further Reading

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General overviews of the entire war


John Keegan, The First World War: an Illustrated History

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David Stevenson, 1914-1918: The History of the First World War

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Jay M. Winter, The Experience of World War I

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Trench Warfare

  • Ashworth, Tony, Trench Warfare, 1914-1918 : The Live and Let Live system. New York: Holmes & Meier Publishers, Inc., 1980 (ISBN 0841906157)

Enthusiasm and Alienation


P. Attridge, Nationalism Imperialism and Identity in Late Victorian Britain.

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Michael D. Bidiss, The Age of the Masses : Ideas and Society in Europe Since 1870.

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What effect did the Great War have on the British Empire c.1918-1939?


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Patrick French, Liberty or Death: India's Journey to Independence and Division ( Look Inside)

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To what extent did the Great War provoke the 'birth of the Modern' in relation to the arts?


Bernard Bergonzi, Heroes' Twilight: a Study of the Literature of the Great War.

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