The Great War and Versailles

Course OpeningEdit

The course has begun, and the first assignment has been posted. Please see below.

Course OutlineEdit

Classes will take place once a week to once every two weeks. Since the Great War has such a rich history, the focus will be placed on military history, though students are encouraged to branch out based upon their own interest. The following syllabus is open to modification:

  • Europe in 1914 / The Outbreak of War Assignment One, Lecture One
  • 1914: The Opening Campaigns / 1915: The War Continues
  • 1916: The War of Attrition / The United States Enters the War
  • 1917: The Year of Crisis / 1918: The Final Campaigns
  • Reflecting on the Experience of the War / 1919: The Peace Settlement

Currently proposed course study tasks or essay topicsEdit

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Recommended TextEdit

  • The First World War by Michael Howard (Oxford University Press, 2003) ISBN 0192804456: A short introduction to the topic. I will be drawing my lectures from it heavily.

Additional BooksEdit

See the Further Readings List for books relating to topics you may wish to study in more detail.

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