• This template is designed for helping to automatically profile and keep track of the activity of a large number of participants in a unit/course/subject.
  • It is specifically designed at the moment for Social psychology (psychology), in which student editing is largely occurring on their user page, user talk page, and user sub-pages, but with the idea that it could perhaps be adapted for more generic usage.

Examples edit

  1. The sortable table below profiles the activity of the Wikiversity mascot user page.
  2. A better example is in action here: Social psychology (psychology)/Participants#Profile list
User Talk Email Contribs Stats User page size Talk page size Total Size graph All pages
Baah and Bahh
1716 4004 5720
55 473 528
821 0 821
38 0 38
999 1915 2914
1792 1042 2834

To do edit

  1. checkY Done Can a total be created of user page size and user talk page size (and potentially also of subpages)? More about this problem: Wikiversity:Colloquium#Function_.2F_expression_problem
  2. checkY Done Create a column which gives a graphical summary of user + talk page size
  3. checkY Done Add clickable icons for email and talk links

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