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The moods of the scene Green Tea Smoothie.

Joe Mac lists the moods of these scenes - 27 October 2007 - 20 points

Joe Mac roughed out the score in just two hours. The cues are stored here in the OGG file. Remember to start you cues at the beginning of the film scoring project movie so syncing them to the movie is easy.
I'm looking at it right now...........if i get to decide what the prevailing mood of a scene is, rather than taking direction on this........... i'd like to know more of the story than the scenes reveal to me. Since it's not my movie, some guesswork would, it seems to me, be involved. Having said this;
  • Cue #1 (Click here to listen to the cue) - the opening...cue one: .......assistant is happily making the main event, so i'm thinking uplifting, even majestic, orchestral background music to the creation of the drink.
  • Cue #2 (Click here to listen to the cue) - the host rushes in, admiring look on assistant's face as she gives him the drink.....no music. when he says 'now all i need's a straw,' cue two: something troubling sounding, trailing off..... this so we know there is a problem if there are no straws.........
  • Cue #3 (Click here to listen to the cue) - host brings drink to guest in sitting room, presents it apologizing for there being no straws available. Guest takes drink, looks it over, and opens his briefcase, to obtain a fancy, and unusual looking plastic straw. cue three : (Gong rings as he places it in drink............... oriental music in background as he begins to sip.)
  • Cue #4 (Click here to listen to the cue) - host is so surprised by this move, he wonders aloud if this is really the guy he is supposed to meet...........when guest challenges him asking if passport should be shown, cue four: same theme used when straw was asked for by the host in the kitchen (cue two)