Template:Chapter navigation

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This template adds:

  1. links to the previous and next pages of the book to the top of the page (position depends on stylesheet)
  2. links to the title page, previous page, and next page of the book to the bottom of the page
  3. the page to a category with the same name as the title page or optionally another category in its place, and sorts by the name of the subpage

Usage edit

{{chapter navigation|optional previous subpage name|optional next subpage name|optional category (if different from book title)}}

Type {{Chapter navigation|previous subpage name|next subpage name}} at the bottom of each chapter in your book. If adding to the first chapter of a book, leave the first field blank ({{Chapter navigation||next subpage name}}). If adding to the last chapter, leave the second field blank ({{Chapter navigation|previous subpage name}}). Pages will be added to a category of the book's title unless another category is specified in the third parameter.

{{chapnav|previous subpage|next subpage}} can be used as a shortcut.

This can also be expanded to list the chapters of a book. See {{Learning Theories/Navigation}} and {{Chess/Navigation}} for examples.

Example edit

See Rhetoric and Composition/Narration for an example. The code {{chapter navigation|Description|Exposition}} is used at the bottom of the page.