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Outline for this subpageEdit

Now implemented. See Resource page.

Outstanding points that could be included here or on Q Page 3:

  • The other neurotransmitters involved in PD especially glutamate and Gaba.)
  • Regulation and Storage of dopamine (vesicles, transporters)
  • Dopaminergic cells as pacemakers
  • Ionotropic and metabotropic neurotransmitters
  • How cells differ from one another (in structure and by tissue type)

User Purple61 said:

Does the body produce dopamine on demand or is there a reservoir of this chemical?
When you are on Parkinson's drugs - agonists or levodopa based ones or both - can you have an unused quantity remaining in your brain or does it all get used up or absorbed by the body?
My drug regime is 8.00am, 5 hours later at 1.00pm and then 5 hours later at 6.00pm. No top-up till the next morning. I don't wake up feeling I need to top-up until a couple of hours later. So was wondering if there is a unused residue of the drugs still lingering in the brain?
Thanks, Purple61, for the contribution. There are things to discuss about it and I shall write them on your User Talk page which I have had to create for you because you had not done so yet. So see: User:Purple61 and User_talk:Purple61
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