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This Section needs developing.

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Like this.

Start a new Section for each new topic.

Developing Section 2 edit

The approach we are taking - an intrinsically wiki approach - is to build the section incrementally through the involvement of individuals each contributing small pieces. This does not rule out someone with the time, energy and expertise taking the whole thing on and getting it developed quicker!

The incremental strategy should work if we think of this section as follows:

It is meant to address the needs of a person new to Parkinson's who wants to know more about the condition. Therefore it needs to start with the questions that are most frequently asked following diagnosis. Thus the first question might be "what gives rise to my symptoms - tremor, stiffness, slowness of movement, etc ?" Simple answers can be given to this question - lack of dopamine, cell death in a particular part of the brain and so forth. But to the enquiring person these answers give rise to further questions and the simplistic answer needs to be augmented by increasing sophistication that recognises the complexity of the subject.

So the readers of Section 2 are being challenged to come up with the next level of questions! Others could then develop the answers to these. A chain of questions and answers could then evolve that conforms to a natural sequence of steps through greater knowledge and understanding. Inevitably the pathways will branch, but this is exactly what an online repository of information is good at catering for. Hyperlinks can be inserted (eg in side boxes) throughout to provide pointers to background information at whatever level and complexity the reader requires. Much of the basic background biological information will already be somewhere on the internet, notably wikipedia.

Draft section design edit

A pro tem Section 2 design is given in the Section 2 Site Map subpage. It gives a list of question subpages whose answers will form the narrative superstructure. Other subpages would elaborate on topics raised and form a substructure to the section.

Comments please! Droflet (talk) 15:27, 27 September 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

    == typical progression of disease time wise ==
    I have read stats like 60% of people with PD work after 5 years, 0% after 10 years
    On average PD takes 2 years off life span
    I would be interested in average time till a walker is needed, wheelchair, an aide, etc.
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