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The practical categories needed to be kept in mind in terms of several abilitiesEdit

Some learning materials:

Painting abilitiesEdit

Normal classical painting skillsEdit

Classical painting skills are the basic formal painting skills which the postmodernist web designer need to get, in order to make some basic logos, framework lines, ornaments. These skills included: Greasepaint - [[1]], Ink wash painting - [[2]], Sketch (drawing) - [[3]] and Portraying (This definition, in the academic field, needs to be identified clearly for learning, about which we can review some details from:) - [[4]] or Cambridge Online Dictionary:

Some special painting skills in new eraEdit

Web design online, in the postmodern time especially current - the beginning of 21 century, also need some special skills for the extreme expressions of the self-style-innovations from deep mental and transcendentalism through We-medias. Therefore, some post-skills obtained from some schools identifying spiritual elements, if putted, will make your website looked new with 'fresh blood'. Here, some, if being identified, will be volunteering for young generations' learning and teaching: Impressionism & postimpressionism - [[5]] and [[6]]; Surrealism - [[7]]; Post-Animism & Naturism - (This definition is still not clear and waiting to be developed as one tendency in the future, but its root's vitality has already been emerging with the post-magic powers supported by natural elements and spiritualties)[[8]] and [[9]]

Writing abilitiesEdit

There is a paradox when we are writing online as web designers, which need us (ourselves) attempt to balance: dialectally say- on one side, we need to follow some basic writing skills for threading the logical points together; on the other hand, we also need to allow us make some self-innovations enlightened by inspirations and imaginations, even more, 'some mistakes' but leading 'fashion tones' and some special groups' using ways of language and their creative expressions can all be seen as the words materials of web 'building'. The later side is far more to say, thereby, I can conclude some basic skills for writing across cultures: Platitude - [[10]]; Flashback - [[11]]; Stream of consciousness (narrative mode) - [[12]] and [[13]]; Spiritual exploration - (This definition isn't very clear currently and waiting to be developing in the future. It was shifted from other art's style and need to make further progress in writing. We can see Lorenzo Clayton as the representative)[[14]]

Musical appreciation abilitiesEdit

Computer and Internet abilitiesEdit

Social network travelling abilitiesEdit

About further basic abilities a good-qualified web designer need to get, we can continuously communicate and search some categories put here for young generations' learning and teaching.

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