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Festination is a common PD symptom, which consists of taking very short rapid paces and sometimes breaking into a run. it arises from a postural defect. The body bends forward shifting the centre of gravity so that the patient takes an instinctive small step forward in order to maintain balance.

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Morris et al [1] evaluate the best options in physiotherapy for the treatment of gait disorders arising from PD. They concluded:-

Comprehensive, client-centered physical therapy for people with PD is based on compensatory strategies to bypass the defective basal ganglia, strategies to improve motor learning and performance through practice, management of secondary sequelae affecting the musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory systems, and fall education, as well as on assisting people to make lifelong changes in physical activity habits. The extent to which strategies, exercises, and health education are used varies according to individual needs and changes over time as the person ages and the disease progresses. Overall, the aim is to enable the person with PD to live well by providing effective physical therapy interventions at optimal times to promote health and well-being and by educating the individual regarding long-term self-management strategies.

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