Survey research and design in psychology/Abbreviations

Abbreviation Meaning
ANOVA Analysis of Variance
ANCOVA Analysis of Covariance
β Beta (Standardised regression coefficient)
2 Chi-square
CI Confidence Interval
df Degrees of Freedom
DV Dependent Variable
e Error
ES Effect Size
2 Eta-squared
p2 Partial Eta-squared
H0 Null hypothesis
H1 Alternative hypothesis
IV Independent Variable
LOM Level of Measurement
LR Linear Regression
M Mean
MD Mahalanobis’ Distance
MLR Multiple Linear Regression
MVO Multivariate Outlier
N Sample Size
PASW Statistical Package for the Social Sciences - formerly known as SPSS
r Product-moment correlation or Pearson’s correlation
R Multiple correlation co-efficient
SD Standard Deviation
SE Standard Error
SPSS Statistical Package for the Social Sciences - now known as PASW
ST Significance Test/Testing