Survey design/Workshop

Survey Design Workshop

How to design a survey for a research project.

Educational level: this is a tertiary (university) resource.
Completion status: this resource is ~75% complete.

Outline edit

This introduction to survey design workshop involves three one-hour modules:

  1. Survey research, theory, types, and pros and cons of this research method
  2. Survey design - Principles and nuts and bolts of survey development, including types of questions and response formats
  3. Survey examples - guided peer discussion about draft surveys

Participants edit

The target audience for the face-to-face workshop is post-graduate research students and academic staff in the Australian Capital Territory who are in the early stages of developing survey-based research proposals and/or surveys for research projects. The workshop materials are publicly and freely available online.

See participants for more info. There is also more info for online participants.

Objectives edit

Survey research
How to design and develop survey-based research
  1. Survey research as a research method
  2. Common types (e.g., face-to-face interview, mail survey, internet survey) and the pros and cons of each
  3. Steps in survey development
Survey design
Nuts & bolts of questionnaire design, including:
  1. Question types
  2. Response formats
  3. Layout
  4. Pilot testing
  5. Sampling
Survey examples
Critically examine example and draft surveys
  1. Review example surveys
  2. Review participant draft surveys

Materials edit

  1. Resources
    1. Survey design workshop (Slides)
    2. Example surveys for critical discussion
    3. Readings (particularly Fowler and Nardi)
    4. Ask questions as we go - or add them here
  1. Topics
    1. Level of measurement
    2. Online surveys
    3. Research purposes
    4. Sampling
    5. Survey research
    6. Survey design
  1. Workshop
    1. Instructor notes
    2. Evaluation

See also edit

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