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Bible Tour: Salvation (section)
  1. The Fall of Man (section)


When trying to understand the Biblical concept of Salvation, it is helpful to understand from what one is being saved. This study, consequently, takes you through the Biblical concepts of Sin and Death, as well as God's Salvation from such problems.

Tour of ScriptureEdit

Genesis 3 (passage) (lesson)

In the beginning, Man messes up. He is created as ruler over all of the earth[1], yet he rebels against God, condemning himself to death. However because God loves Man[2], He promises that a child of the Woman will be born who will crush the serpent (later called Satan[3]), and who will himself suffer loss.

Topical Chain ReferenceEdit

This section provides an extensive list of scripture pertaining to Salvation


Supplemental ResourcesEdit

Salvation - a practical guide to obtaining salvation for yourself.


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