Resource for conducting research in Sport and Exercise Science studies. Whilst the resource can be used by anyone, it has been established to support undergraduate (Bachelor of Sport Studies - Honours) and postgraduate (Masters in High Performance Sport) students at UC and UCRISE (formerly UCNISS). There is considerable more information that can be added, this will occur over time, but feel free to contribute.

Learning Objectives edit

On successful completion of the candidature, students will be able to:

  1. Source and critically appraise research in an identified Sport or Exercise Science research field;
  2. Design and execute a research project to a publishable standard acceptable in their field of study;
  3. Undertake an independent analysis of data relating their research project to existing literature and a wider societal relevance; and
  4. Communicate the results of an independent research project in a form acceptable to the field of study.

Assessment edit


  • Seminar Presentation
  • Supervisor feedback on drafts
  • Journal Club


  • Critical Review Article
  • Research Presentation
  • Manuscript

see the course handbook for details.

Activities edit

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