Spatial Epidemiology

SDG3: Good Health and Well-being - Learning Resouce supports the SDG-Tagging - [1]
Quantum GIS (GQIS) Heatmap

Early Warning and Automated Response System


Early Warning and Automated Response System (EWARS) is a system to support spatial decision support. Spatial pattern of risk and spatial allocation of resources according to risk is a primary objective

Mathematical Analysis and Processing of spatial Pattern and Processes


For spatial decision support the following basics are recommended for your learning steps:

  • Moving Average is used to smooth spatial data. For this learning objective it is necessary to examine the the moving average in discrete and continuous setting and on image processing as a first step.
  • (Health Maps and Animation) Analyse how to create a webbased heatmap with Leaflet[2] of OpenLayers for visualize spatial pattern of high risk areas for communicable diseases.

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