COVID-19/Time Series and COVID-19 Data

Time series snow detected by weather radar for each time step a heat map was generated as frame of the animation.
Example showing the relationships between a heat map, surface plot, and contour lines of the same data

Data Sharing


Data sharing on an international level is important to analyze the epidemiological spread of the communicable disease[1]

  • Analyse the Wikipedia updates of COVID-19 and check the history of the article! When was the COVID-19 article establish? When did the community update data in the different languages? Validate the times series data in Wikipedia! Why is checking and quality assurance of the community important for content about COVID-19 in Wikipedia and Wikiversity?
  • Analyse the OpenSource OpenLayers and/or Leaflet for visualization of heatmaps and time series. Try to generate a Heatmap with OpenLayers and/or Leaflet based on available data. How can you find data with timestamps and how can you create georeferences for data like "30 new reported COVID-19 infections in Town X". What are other data formats that allow georeferencing of data (see OGC Standards)

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