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  1. User:CVaughan#Unit Evaluation

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  1. Mostly positive feedback
  2. A couple of students commented on North American bias

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  1. Environmental psychology seemed to be a popular lecture topic - keep it

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  1. Make the "negotiability" guidelines for essay questions more clear
  2. Add to FAQ:
    • What if I can't find much theory?
    • What if I can't find much research?
    • How can I improve my written expression?
  3. Some students comment that too much assessment was due all at the end of semester - how could this be spread out?

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  1. User:Jenny O/Assessment reflections
  2. User:Dskrzecz#Final thoughts

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  • Blackballoon86 noted that "The only suggestion I would make is that there was a supplementary chapter in the textbook (Application Module A) involving the application of social psychology to consumer behaviour that would make an interesting lecture subject, particularly considering the number of students who take marketing, advertising or public relations units in conjunction with psychology."