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Instructions edit

Please add your request for educator status (or other positions) below. Include a short summary of why you think you should be given the privilege and please refer to your involvement in other Wikimedia projects. If you have an educator status, please indicate so as well.

In a wiki, trust arises from good editing of webpages and "good editing" is what advances the project. If you have a record of good editing then you are likely to be trusted.

All educators should please place their requests or nominations on a subpage and transclude it here.

Requests and Nominations for Educators edit

  1. Registered users can both request status, or be nominated for it by others. Candidates that have not accepted a nomination, or have failed to secure a mentor within one week are archived as incomplete.
  2. Candidates can request a mentor from those listed at Wikiversity:Educators_Mentors; the requested mentor must agree.
  3. Candidates: please respond to any questions from the community about your educator or wiki editing and participation.

Brett Johnston (talk • email • contribs • stats • logs • global account) edit

Hi, I'm new to Wikiversity. I work part-time as an English tutor in Vietnam. I'm developing the skills to be a technology tutor/consultant.

Wikiversity the scratchpad for the future of university education!

Brett Johnston (talk) 06:54, 27 September 2012 (UTC)

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Educators willing to mentor edit

Nominations for Full Lecturer Status edit

  1. Candidates for Lecturing are listed here by their mentor after the one month probationary period. Do not add self-nominations to this section.

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Course Outlines

Please review your course outline offers at teacher course outlines

Please track student course requests at student course outlines

Teacher Resource Requests

Please attach resource/project requests to your user page and link it back here: