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Welcome to the A. S. Neill School of Free Learning.

A. S. Neill, founder of Summerhill school in 1921. Summerhill school provided students with a wiki-like learning environment.

Content development project edit

The School of Free Learning promotes efforts to develop Wikiversity learning resources for learners who are encouraged to explore their personal interests while participating in a self-governing learning community. This style of education was developed by A. S. Neill at Summerhill School and is well suited for Wikiversity, where learners are free to come and go as they please and make use of the collaborative wiki environment for exploration of their personal learning goals. See: the Wikiversity learning model.

Special content development efforts edit

The School of Free Learning is a central hub for coordination of more focused content development projects.

One focus area for content development in the School of Free Learning is the development of learning resources about Wikiversity itself. Wikiversity provides learning opportunities that are strange and unfamiliar for most learners. The Wikiversity content development project coordinates efforts to help new Wikiversity participants become familiar with using wiki technology as a tool to assist them in their pursuit of learning goals.

Wikiversity is one of the family of education-oriented wiki websites of the Wikimedia Foundation. It is important that Wikiversity participants understand the cooperative relationship between Wikiversity and its sister projects. Topic:Wikimedia is a content development project that coordinates the development of learning resources about Wikipedia, Wikibooks, Wikimedia Commons and the other Wikimedia Foundation wiki projects.

Wiki websites are just one type of website that characterizes the growing trend of websites that support online communities of participants who are engaged in the creation and sharing of digital files. Topic:Web 2.0 is a content development project that coordinates the development of learning resources about Web 2.0 and supports Wikiversity participants who want to make and share digital media files such as podcasts.

Learning Resources edit