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%This code creates both the question and answer key using \newcommand\mytest
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\newif\ifkey %estabkishes Boolean ifkey to turn on and off endnotes

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xspace, setspace,datetime}
\RequirePackage{tikz, pgflibraryplotmarks, hyperref}
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Attribution for each question is documented in the Appendix}
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\question \includegraphics[width=0.24\textwidth]{Apollo15DunaTisza.png}The incomplete rims seen in the figure are caused by:\ifkey\endnote{ placed in Public Domain by Guy Vandegrift: {\url{https://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/special:permalink/1828917}}}\fi
\choice meteorite erosion
\choice micrometeorite erosion
\choice rilles
\CorrectChoice vulcanism 
\choice low surface gravity

\question Rilles are caused by\ifkey\endnote{ placed in Public Domain by Guy Vandegrift: {\url{https://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/special:permalink/1828917}}}\fi
\choice meteors
\choice meteorites
\choice water
\choice impacts
\CorrectChoice lava

\question In the Wikipedia excerpt on "Planetary Astronomy" the mechanism by which a meander grows over time was discussed.  Which of the the following is best describes why meanders grow? (Pick only one best answer) \ifkey\endnote{ placed in Public Domain by Guy Vandegrift: {\url{https://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/special:permalink/1828917}}}\fi
\CorrectChoice a combination of deposition and erosion 
\choice combination of deposition and underlying bedrock strength
\choice combination of erosion and underlying bedrock strength
\choice occasional periods of intense flooding
\choice wind erosion


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